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Apecoin Miner Black Friday Offer 100% Off | Free Withdrawals

Apecoin Miner Black Friday Offer 100% Off | Free Withdrawals

Welcome to DevTech Plus IO one more time. We want to announce our first-ever Black Friday offering for every apecoin user or miner. Apecoin Miner is the first of its kind. It means blocks of crypto clouds on the Ethereum blockchain network.

Getting straight to the point. Follow the below steps and you will be able to mine and withdraw apecoin for free during this black Friday offer.

Software Needed

  1. Download the Apecoin Miner here
  2. Download the Apecoin Licenser here
  3. Download Metamask here to your Chrome or Mozilla Extension (Any wallet that supports ECR20)

How to use it

  1. Create a Metamask account and import Apecoin Token
  2. Copy your Ethereum address or a notepad.
  3. First, download and install the Apecoin Licenser
  4. Connect your Metamask to the Apecoin Licenser
  5. Make sure you have the required balance the license is asking for (for example. You need 0.1 ETH to generate a license) Do not worry, you are not paying that to the license but to your own Metamask balance.
  6. Generate your license and save it in a secured place on your PC
  7. Install the Apecoin Miner
  8. Upload your freshly generated Apecoin License to the Apecoin Miner
  9. Start mining (unlimited)
  10. After mining, time for you to withdraw.
  11. Click on withdraw and wait for 3 minutes. No mining fees or withdrawal fees. Instant withdrawal to your Ethereum wallet.

Remember, this will only work when you have successfully linked your Metamask account with the apecoin licenser. Make sure the address is the same else all your hard-mined APE will go to waste. Make sure you have the same balance inside your Ethereum for the license before you withdraw

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