Veen Loader – Bank Account Loader Software

Welcome to one of our powerful tools ever made by DevTech Plus. The software is called Veen Loader and it can load any type of bank. This tool comes with activation for 58 days for $644 when you purchase this software, but we are running a month promotion on this software for free. This means you can get the software and the activation pin free of charge when you follow these simple free steps.

This is the first version of Veen Loader and it will be upgraded and updated for free. It comes with connectivity features that allows users to connect with their PC before they start using this software. We recommend a paid VPN to be activated before using this software but all the same, you can use the software without VPN.

To Upload a card, first, you need to get a working and a high balance cc, very fresh once and never been used before. Get an affordable cc visa and MasterCard on our Payexon Marketplace. Follow this link and get a valid and high balance. Create a new text file inside your D:/ and name it veen.txt

Then click on Upload Card. After your card shows inside the text box below. Click on check balance to see how much balance does your card has. After checking it. Now follow the instructions in the video below.

Get a high balance card here

Download Link: