Payexon Voucher Card free $10 USD

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We could see that our previous payexon giveaway was a blast and people loved it. Because of that, we want to give out 20 vouchers more than each of them contains $10 USD and as always, if you have already redeemed or activated $10 USD from our previous giveaways, this one is not for you. When the system detects multiple activations, YOUR ACCOUNT WILL BE BLOCKED. So please I advise you not to use the following 6 payexon vouchers if you have already used our previous one.

If you are new to this post or giveaway, kindly follow the below instructions on how you could activate our free $10 USD Payexon Voucher Giveaway.

Scan the QR Code of this card and download the .rar file.

Inside the Zip file, you will need to read all the text files to understand how to activate or redeem your Payexon Voucher Card or Code. If the above card has been used. Kindly move on to the next card to activate your $10 USD.

Remember not to activate 2 or more vouchers, else your account will be disabled and that will be the end of you getting anything free from us.

The above buttons will redirect you to download a zip file that contains the Payexon Voucher Code for you to redeem or activate it.