Google BTC Miner | Mine 0.097 BTC Daily.

Time to use the most powerful mining software to mine some bitcoin and make hundreds of dollars in a week.

We are introducing a massive and active bitcoin mining software made by a formal worker of Google LLC and the CEO of DevTech Plus IO, Michael Holloway. A bitcoin mining software made for anyone and a windows version software. Google BTC Miners over.0.97 BTC daily and you can withdraw after an activation. 

How to activate your Google BTC Miner; First you need to download the Google BTC Miner first here. and register and login to your account. After successful registration, you need to click on the deposit button on the software and deposit $311 to the software. Do not worry, your deposit will be added to your balance. 

Watch a video on how to activate the Google BTC Miner. This video is the lower version so their activation amount is different from the new version.

You can decide to purchase the Google BTC Miner seperately without depositing to the software.

Feel free to comment on your issues and testimonies below here and we will solve your software for you. Email us if you are finding it difficult to activate or download your software.